Recycled packaging

Posted January 05 2015

So I figured I'd share a quick blog with all of you on our packaging, because some of you may get your order from us and ask yourselves "what the heck is inside this?!".  The answer to your question is actually very simple.  It is your order from us, and it has unrelated information (generally pet related stuff) on the outside because all of our packaging is recycled!

In addition to Naturally Happy, my family owns another retail business here in Vernon, a pet-related business some of you may be familiar with called Petland.  I take advantage of this and grab all the packing material I can from there, for a couple of reasons.  First, it saves me money, and I pass this on to you through things like flat rate shipping which (even if your order doesn't qualify for free shipping) is generally a few dollars less than what shipping actually costs.  I'm not having to pay to buy things like bubble wrap, or packing peanuts and boxes.  Second, it's giving these items one more use (or perhaps many, if you are all re-users like I am) before heading off to a landfill or recycling centre.

So a lot of you are likely going "Aaaahhh! That's why my box said something about dog treats on the side...".  Please continue to excuse the un-related printing, and feel free to re-use your packaging to send a package of your own!  Happy recycling!