morrocco method international

Posted June 19 2013

We are so very happy to share Morrocco Method International's line of hair care products with you! We've been using these amazing products for quite awhile and love them! They offer many great benefits including being vegan, animal cruelty-free, and have no soy, GMO, gluten or SLS in them. How great is that?

With these products a little goes a long way, and they can be a little tricky to get used to as the shampoos don't sud or foam up like traditional shampoos (that's the SLS that does that). And you'll love the conditioners, they leave your hair tangle-free and feeling great!

We offer smaller, 60ml trial sizes for everything if you just want to check them out, or dive right in and get the 240ml family size!

Looking for a natural hair dye alternative?  We carry their awesome line of Henna products to give you some shine or get rid of those greys! Never used Henna before?  Check out some informational videos on the Morrocco website!