rash-free baby bum!

Posted July 31 2013

We get asked a lot of questions about our little rash-free baby bum.  In 9 months we've never once had a diaper rash, even through the crazy teething runs and the like.  Our routine is simple! 

  1. We cloth diaper during the day, and use disposables at night.  This is only because we have a heavy wetter, and it's just far easier to pop on a disposable than to try to bulk up to prevent leaks. I should add here that our cloth diaper liners are all organic hemp or bamboo, and the disposables we use are organic and chemical-free as well.
  2. For the number ones, we just pop in a clean liner and give a squirt of bum spray from Peas in a Pod.  It freshens things up a bit, and adds some conditioning for in between changes!
  3. For the number twos, we clean everything up using our bamboo wipes from Aleva and the bum spray, and put on a little gob of bum balm from Peas in a Pod.  If our little bundle is a little backed up, we'll put on a big gob just to help him out for when things finally do get moving.  If we need to, we'll also put a dash of bum powder from Peas in a Pod too, but generally we don't need this.  It has come in handy for drying up other little moist areas though, like armpits!

And that's it!  Our easy 3-step routine!

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