changes to shipping coming soon

Posted September 23 2013

With the arrival of more stock, we've decided to redo our shipping rates to ensure you're getting the best deal possible.  We have a lot of lighter stuff (like our awesome bum fluff from AMP Diapers) and the heavier stuff (shampoos and the like from Morrocco Method International).  These changes will also make it more affordable for our US customers.  We are just in the process of getting things updated, and we'll announce once the change has been made!

I should also add a note here that shipping rates for things like a single diaper cover may seem high still even after the changes.  This is for a few reasons.  First, although technically items like this can fit the dimensions/weight restrictions on lettermail, they should not be travelling lettermail.  Our local post office has made it clear that lettermail is for paper items only.  Second we do need to have tracking information and insurance coverage on these items.  We started this store first and foremost to share awesome stuff with all of you, but secondly to help feed our family!  If the postal service lost items we were shipping to you with no tracking information we would have no way of recovering our loss.  So please understand that we are giving you the best rate possible that still fits the constraints we have to operate under.

Thanks for your patience and understanding, and stay tuned for the changes!!