environmental commitment

We love our Earth, simple as that!  When we started this business, our goal was to share products that are good for you, and good for this world we live in.  But it doesn't just end at our product, it involves how we conduct our business as well!  To that end, we do our utmost to follow some guidelines:


1.  The majority of our packing materials are re-used from local businesses.  This material would normally go straight into the recycle bin at these retailers, but we give them one more use in getting products to you!  We ask that you then recycle these packages, or continue using them for storage, shipping, etc.  This has the added benefit of our shipping charges solely covering the cost of shipping and no added fees to cover handling or materials!

2.  If we do have to buy new packing materials for any reason, we do our best to make sure they come from recycled or sustainable sources.

3.  We try to minimize the amount of paper and ink we use.  This is why there is no packing slip included with your order, and our thank you notes are printed on recycled paper or from upcycled sources.  If you require a packing slip or invoice for any reason, please let us know!

4.  We try to get your order to you as quickly as possible, however very rarely make a special trip to the post office.  We try to combine multiple orders, and other errands we have to run into our routine when we're dropping items off.


For these reasons please excuse your package if it doesn't arrive looking 'pristine' or takes an extra day to ship.  We're just doing our best to help out Mother Earth!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please ask!