Can you do orders over the phone?

We sure can!  Send us an e-mail including a phone number you can be reached at to naturallyhappy@shaw.ca and we'll get in touch with you!


How does your local pickup option work?  Can I use it if I'm going to be vacationing near Vernon?

If you have a BC address, when you go to check out 'Local Pickup' will be one of your shipping options.  Simply choose this, finish paying for your order, then we'll send you an e-mail once your order is ready to pickup!  Pickup is at the Petland on the north side of Vernon, at 5604 24th Street.

And yes!  You can use our local pickup option if you're going to be vacationing or coming through Vernon or Kelowna!  Simply place and pay for your order (including shipping) and send us an e-mail at naturallyhappy@shaw.ca letting us know you'd like to pickup your order.  We'll refund you your shipping costs, and let you know when your order is ready to go!  Please give us a couple of days to get your order together and ready for you to pickup.


How do I use the Henna hair dye?

Morrocco Method International has some great instructional videos, located here:


If you have never used the Henna to dye your hair before, we recommend you start here.  There is a list of materials needed, the procedure, and tips!  We also can include a great handout for all our first-time Henna customers (please just add this option to your cart when buying your henna), and of course are very happy to answer any questions!


I just want to order one small, lightweight item.  The shipping charges seem high though!

Because we ship a variety of items, we had to find some middle-ground when picking a flat rate shipping option.  If you're interested in only a single, lightweight item, please drop us an e-mail!  We are always happy to try to accommodate you!  Please understand that although some items may be light enough or small enough to go via lettermail, we cannot necessarily ship them this way as then we wouldn't have any tracking information or insurance coverage if the shipment was lost.  We will give you the best rate we can, however.


Why does my package appear kind of re-used?

In short, because it is!  This is part of our commitment to the environment, you can read about some of our guidelines here