We can honestly say we love what we do, and we love our customers!  And getting feedback like this from folks really makes this whole thing awesome.  Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!  :)


Hello Naturally Happy!  The hair brush and other items  arrived today and I can’t stop brushing my hair!!! IT FEELS WONDERFUL to have a real hair brush again!!!!!!  My hair looks great AFTER BRUSHING IT TOO. hooray!! IT HAS TAKEN ME 2 YEARS TO FIND A BRUSH THAT BRUSHES MY HAIR.  Thank you so much for telling me personally your experience, before I decided to order it. ALSO thank you for getting back to me so quickly about the product.  ~ Lynn S.
Hello!  I received my order today.  Everything looks great!  The Dark Horse soap, which is new to me, looks like something I will continue, if you decide to source it.  I am writing to thank you for the joyful way you sent my package and for the good products you care to source, but in particular, for the sweet sucker Christina included (organic and all!).  You have made me happy, naturally. :)