morrocco method healthy hair starter package


Get started with this great set from Morrocco Method and save 15%!  You'll get all 5 shampoos, all 6 conditioners, and the Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel all in travel/trial sizes (60ml), plus a scalp massager! 

Find your preferred format of Anthony Morrocco's book, Awaken Your Roots, here.

All Morrocco Method International products are vegan and raw (meaning nothing has been pastuerized or homogenized). These products are soy, GMO, gluten and SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) free! Not tested on animals, these products are made in the USA.

Please note all Morrocco Method International shampoos are extremely low sudsing and non foaming.  A tip for those having a challenge figuring out just  where that shampoo is in your hair is to start shampooing, then do a quick dunk under the shower head.  This will create just a little bit of lather.

Looking for a handy travel bag for your products?  Check out our made in Canada bags right here!  These handily hold 5 of the small sized Morrocco Method product bottles.