morrocco method henna hair dye


Without chemical additives, MM henna hair colour is the only way to achieve truly natural hair colour.  Choose your colour below for the perfect result! Please note Henna will not lighten naturally dark hair.  Also note with Henna it is easy to go darker but difficult to go lighter. Start with a shade lighter than you expect if you are unsure.

Henna can be mixed in any glass bowl, with a wooden spoon.  You'll also need a shower cap (to cover the henna while it sets) and we recommend latex gloves. The additional items you will need are the henna itself, the juice of half a lemon or apple cider vinegar, green or black tea (depending on the shade you use), Euro Oil (optional) and a Scalp Massager (optional).

You can find the instructions for henna here:







Neutral Henna is completely colorless but will bring out the natural shine and brilliance of your hair color. It's also an amazing conditioner and curl elongater. It's made from only henna leaves and henna bark, a great natural alternative to other dyes.

Marigold Blonde (Light Blonde) Henna is the ideal for creating a natural sun streaking effect. Great for people who want to bring out natural blonde highlights or blend graying roots.

Light Brown Henna is a perfect color for people for people looking to enhance their shade of brown.

Medium Brown Henna is a perfect color for people looking to enhance their shade of brown or cover stubborn greys.

Dark Brown Henna is almost black in color and perfect for people looking for a darker shade of brown. Great for covering stubborn greys.

Red Henna is perfect for anyone looking to play with color or add some natural red highlights to dark brown hair. Also Red Henna is an important base color for the two step method for covering greys. Simply use a red henna color first, then for the next application a brown shade of your choosing.

Black Henna is perfect for covering greys and darkening hair.