morrocco method lunar packages


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The Lunar Chart for Hair Cutting has been developed by Anthony Morrocco using Mayan lunar philosophy and Old World farming theory in order to maximize the potential of your hair cut. With the five goals: Thicken, Beautify, Lengthen, Root Work, and Strengthen, the Lunar Chart for Hair Cutting gives you the best day to cut.

Morrocco Method Lunar Packages have been carefully designed to help you maximize the power of your Lunar Cut and optimize your lunar goal. Each package will help to activate your hair and scalp and provide them with essential nutrients during your lunar cut.

All packages include the large sizes of each product.

Beautifying: Heavenly Essence Shampoo & Pearl Essence Creme Rinse. Improves the texture and sheen of your hair, and is perfect for improving the overall feel and look of hair.

Root Work: Sea Essence Shampoo & Euro Oil. Reduces breakage by deeply conditioning and nourishing the hair while jump starting the growth patterns by stimulating the scalp. 

Strengthen: Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo & Zen Detox. Penetrates deep into the scalp to shock the growth cycle and heal the hair and scalp. 

Lengthen: Pine Shale Shampoo & Diamond Crystal Mist. Strengthens the root, follicle, and bulb of the hair creating more resilient and unbreakable hair.

Thicken: Earth Essence Shampoo & Floating Lotus Conditioner.  Promotes the activation of new growth cycles in ones bulb and hair follicles.